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If the walls could talk, would they say they need a fresh coat of paint?

It's time to brighten up your home!

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How It Works

Step 1. Color Selection

Before we start, you will have to choose your color. We can help you identify the color, the finish, and type of paint with our visualizer tools, and we also offer a Color Consulting Service if you need help coming to a decision.

Step 2. Protect the Area

We cover the furniture and floors with a new, clean piece of protective plastic sheeting. We also protect your floors with drop cloths, taking care to secure every inch of the room.

Step 3. Prepare Surfaces

Our painting crew prepares the walls for interior painting by filling any holes or cracks in ceilings and walls, sealing any stains, and scuff sanding any uneven surfaces, including loose or old paint. This creates the smooth, clean canvas necessary for a perfect finish.

What To Expect

Step 4. Apply New Paint

We apply premium quality paints for a uniform finish. There are multiple finish options, including flat, matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, and high-gloss, and we will have gone over the benefits of each with you beforehand.

Step 5. Clean Up

The paint will dry within a few hours, and you do not need to vacate the house while this is happening. The crew removes all the painting materials and coverings. We sweep your floors and carpets and put everything back exactly where we found it.

Step 6. Get It Done

Yout Supervisor will walk you through the space, giving you the opportunity to review our work and to provide any initial feedback. Our paint jobs are designed to enjoy a beautiful newly painted room for years to come.

Color Advice

Bedroom Colors

Bedrooms are the most personal, private spaces in the home. Muted greens and forest colors can create a cool and relaxing environment, while warm golds and sublte suedes create a warmer, more inviting space.

Bathroom Colors

Looking to paint your bathroom and create a more tranquil retreat? Classic off-white bathroom paint colors are always a beautiful option; consider choosing warm and inviting colors to create an open, airy feel. Or, incorporate light blue paint for a soothing, calming environment.

Living Room Colors

Your living space should reflect the personality of your family. For a sight of fresh air, consider aqua paired with sandy white; or, choose a bright paint color paired with a neutral color for an energetic space.

Paul Kwan


Giving your home a fresh coat of paint can really update the look and feel of your space. The professional painters at Paul Kwan Paintings have over 7 years of experience in consulting with our customers to make sure they are choosing the right products and the right colors for their home.

Our professional painters take extreme care to pay close attention to details, to be prompt and meticulous, so you can impress your guests with a clean and professional look.

We can tackle any job, large or small, from residential repaints, or new construction, to a complex job. You can be assured that your professional paint job will be done to your complete satisfaction.

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