How Is Information Technology Shaping Our Lives?

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In this era where everything is just a click away, knowing and not knowingly information technology is playing a major role in our lives. From the most common items to health care, from education to business, IT is playing its role in many different fields and in many different ways. Much of what we use today swirls around this.

For most of you that don’t know, “IT is a term that encompasses all forms of technology that creates, stores, uses and exchange information”. Read furthermore to know about its importance and why.

Paul Kwan Singapore

Information technology in our lives:


Students of today are the saviors of tomorrow, keeping that school of thought in mind, it is important to make information easily reachable to them. With the introduction of laptops, computers, online classes, smartphones, and internet things are much easier for today’s student.

– Health care

Machinery and technology used today in our medical care centers and hospitals have made things efficient and less time consuming and far more accurate than before. MRI and ECG scans can easily and precisely diagnose diseases.

– Communication

Looking many years back when means of communication were quite limited, being not slow but also expensive now is not only cheaper but also much faster.

– Business

With the help of computers and software’s, IT brought forward improvement and advancement in a different department of business like human resources, security, production and manufacturing, and finance.

– Evolution in Jobs

This is the era of new jobs, from computer programming to software developers, from the web and graphic designers to system analyzers and so much more are given birth with the help of information technology.

– Globalization

Making the world closer and closer and always update to date is what we call globalization. With easy access to information and its availability, every time is the reason why this exists, in terms of communication.

Our lives circle around IT in this modern world. In business and in our social lives, is always updated about the latest trends and news, information about the international stock market, business market, and politics. With easy accessibility, its efficiency and with multiple gadgets, it has become harder for us to live without it.

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Paul Kwan is an IT professional with over 27 years of experience. He is the Founder and CEO of Sunideas, a startup firm that focuses on information technology innovation. Prior to that, he worked at Maybank Kim Eng as a Regional Chief Information Officer.

How Is Information Technology Shaping Our Lives?unratedPaul Kwan2019-04-18 03:43:07In this era where everything is just a click away, knowing and not knowingly information technology is playing a major role in our lives. From the mos…

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