This Is How You Can Decrease Labour Turnover

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A business cannot run without a workforce, and there are times when businesses have to see their labour leaving the company. This leads to high labour turnover rate, which is disastrous for a business. A high labour turnover can damage the reputation of the business. This is how a manager can control the labour turnover rate by taking care of the needs of the employees.

Paul Kwan

Paul Kwan – Former Regional Chief Information Officer at Maybank Kim Eng

1) It is the right of every employee to enjoy a sense of job security, his job has to be governed by a set of rules and regulations specified by a written contract that is a binding on the employee and the employer as well. The contract ensures that the rights of the workforce and the business are safe. The manager of the company needs to ensure that the contract of employment is given to the employee because this will motivate the employees to feel secure in the workplace. It will also benefit the company. For example, an employee cannot quit his job without serving the notice period. The employees want the management to make sure that they are provided with a safe environment with all the necessary equipment.

2) The managers of a company are one of the most powerful individuals and they have the power to take all the managerial decisions and provide the right environment for the workforce. A manager has to make sure that a sense of belonging develops amongst the members of the workforce. All the members of the workforce should feel that they are an integral part of the organization and their contribution towards the growth and success of the business is deeply valued.

3) There’s a philosophy that states that an employee can be motivated if he is allowed to control his way of working. An employee will be more than willing to perform better for the organization if he gets some power. The managers should try to give some authority to the workforce in form of delegation or in any other form. By letting the workers perform their jobs independently, reducing the level of interference, and posing their confidence in the abilities of the subordinates.

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Paul Kwan is an IT professional with over 27 years of experience. He is the Founder and CEO of Sunideas, a startup firm that focuses on information technology innovation. Prior to that, he worked at Maybank Kim Eng as a Regional Chief Information Officer.

This Is How You Can Decrease Labour TurnoverunratedPaul Kwan2018-04-26 07:23:08A business cannot run without a workforce, and there are times when businesses have to see their labour leaving the company. This leads to high labour…

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